I bought this domain years ago. Figuring I could collect the various ways in which I would "fix" the world

It danwed on me. Who am I to presume to "fix the world" if I can't even fix MYSELF. SO

STEP ONE to fix the world

FIX MYSELF. I am 6'4" tall and a bit over 400 pounds. I am not overweight. I am not fat. I am not obese...

I AM MORBIDLY OBESE and damn it I mean to change that. This is just a filler starter page till I get organizes and get going.

SO how do I fix myself - Here is what I have so far.

#1 Recognize there is a problem and what the problem is
#2 Segregate the problem into segments and attack

What is the problem? First problem is I am over 400 pounds. I am 170-180 pounds too heavy.

This has 3 aspects to it. #1 MENTAL - #2 FOOD - #3 EXCERCISE

#1 Mental.

I recognize I am morbidly obese and I need to lose 170-180 pounds. I recognize that this is my fault and that I am sick and tired of it and want change now. I recognize I have to change what and how I eat and have to burn calories to achieve this goal and become more fit which will create a feedback loop and accelerate results.


I recognize that DIET does not work. that the only way to truly fix this problem is to fix the CORE of the problem. HOW I precieve and abuse food. that the change I make has to be sustainable and FOREVER ie a PERMANENT change in how and what I eat.

#3 Excercise

I can not do "high impact" activities since that will result in me being a cripple before I hit 40.

Swimming is a no go (no place to do it) SO an old favorite passion of mine. Cycling.

Problems. Most bikes can't hold my mass. I BREAK them. and secondly there is a severe pain/comfort issue with my butt back and hands.

Solution. Recumbents. a proper "SEAT" will relieve the butt pain a recumbent style (semi recumbent in my case) will relieve the back pain and both of these will place support on the butt and back relieving my hands of having to do this in a "lean forward" traditional bike position.

SO I am purchasing a Day 5 Dream 21 semi recumbent. I test drove it and its BLISS no butt pain no back pain and no hand pain. SO as long as the bike can mechanically tolerate me (I may look into having it beefed up) I should be able to begin some hard core cycling soon.

I found one for $400 on craigslist (still too expensive) but he was willing to take payments. I make the last paying in the next couple of days. More content to follow.

this is just to get it started and to motivate me to "DO IT"